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On taking up my assignments as Ambassador of Portugal to Australia, it gives me great pleasure to warmly welcome you all to this meeting point of the Embassy of Portugal in Canberra.

The bilateral relations between Portugal and Australia, although coming a long way, are nowadays going through a particular moment of affirmation and intensification, not only at the political level and State-to-State relations, which were always very good, but also at the level of people to people relations and interactions, as the growing number of Australians that choose Portugal as a tourism destination attest so clearly. In Portugal they discover a modern and developed country, which embraces progress but at the same time does not forget its historical roots. I strongly believe that the increased success of the existing exchange of students and work bilateral programmes will contribute even further to consolidate the mutual knowledge between both peoples and will lend a new dynamism and intensification of the cultural, commercial and economical ties between the two countries.

Among the factors that has underpinned this new dynamism of the bilateral relations, if not the most important, is undoubtedly the Portuguese community in Australia, to whom I would like to express a particular word of appreciation and recognition as a continued example of abnegation, hard-work and success that have been key to foster and enhance Portugal’s name in Australia and in this part of the world.

I count on your support and suggestions to make this space more than just an information web page, helping it to become a forum for dialogue and interaction that will surely enable us to provide a better public service to all.

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